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  • What are the postage fees?

    We offer a standard 2-3 day delivery for 9.99 or a next day delivery service for £14.99.

    All sample orders are FREE delivery.

  • Is there a trade program available for designers?

    There most certainly is. Partnering with designers is important to us and we appreciate the use of +TIMBER in their projects. Please contact us for more information and to register.

  • Can I get any discounts?

    We run promotions from time to time, applying discounts to the final bill for those customers taking advantage of certain promotions. Feel free to add us as a friend or like us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to be kept up to date of these promotions and any new products we bring in.

  • I only need 1m2 for my space, can I order a smaller pack?

    The standard size of a pack of planks is to cover an area of 1.81m2 which is the smallest amount that can be purchased.

  • How long will it take for my products to arrive?

    As all products ship from our warehouse in Lancashire, UK, to most areas within the UK and Northern Ireland it will take between 1 and 5 days. Outside of the UK, delivery times vary considerably so please contact us for an estimate.

  • What are the postage fees?

    Posting fees vary, depending on the country to which the products are being sent. All products ship from our warehouse in Lancashire, UK. Please contact us for an estimate.

  • Does +TIMBER come with a warranty?

    +TIMBER planks do not come standard with a warranty but the adhesive has a standard 7 year warranty.

  • Is it easy to cut +TIMBER?

    Yes, it is straightforward using a tenor saw or a utility knife along with a straight edge.

  • What tools are required for installation?

    We supply a range of tools to make the installation easier. Please click here to view. Only a few basic tools are required to install.

  • Why is it important to leave the planks laid out in the room for 48 hours?

    Because +TIMBER  is made from natural pine wood, it requires this time to adjust to the conditions of the room including the relative humidity. This is a vital step in ensuring the planks have acclimatised to the room and do not expand and contract once installed.

  • Can I install +TIMBER planks in the bathroom?

    As bathrooms have a high level of humidity and the chance of the planks coming into contact with water is high, +TIMBER is not recommended for use in bathrooms.

  • Is it alright to install +TIMBER near the fire place?

    Yes, however please do bear in mind that the fire place should be quality approved and tested, and ensure the planks are not exposed to direct heat. Furthermore, they should not be applied to a surface that emits heat.

  • Can +TIMBER planks be installed on ceilings?


  • Does this mean that +TIMBER cannot be installed outdoors?

    +TIMBER has been designed for use indoors.

  • Do I need to keep +TIMBER out of sunlight and other natural elements?

    It is recommended that +TIMBER planks are kept out of direct sunlight as well as other heat sources. It is also recommended that they are kept under a cover if possible so that rain water or other sources of moisture will not affect the planks.

  • Can I apply +TIMBER to an uneven wall or one that is not flat?

    +TIMBER is not recommended for uneven surfaces and should only be installed on those that are flat and primed as well as solid.

  • Are +TIMBER planks suitable for textured surfaces?

    We do not recommend +TIMBER™ for use with uneven or textured surfaces such as brick walls or other roughly textured surfaces.

  • What is the return policy on +TIMBER?

    We accept returns within 30 days, only if we have been contacted in advance and have issued a return authorisation. This then needs to be sent with the planks back to us at the address stated on the return documentation. Please note, we do not cover the return shipping fee and this will be deducted from the return which you will receive.

  • How should the planks be cleaned?

    Using the large head attachment on a vacuum is the recommended way to clean your +TIMBER™ and keep it free of dust.

  • Is +TIMBER wood or wallpaper that looks like wood?

    +TIMBER  is 100% pine wood made into planks that can be easily attached to any flat surface to transform a room or entire home with minimal effort.

  • How thick are the planks?

    Each wood plank is 4mm thick and with the adhesive strips added, 5mm thick.

  • What should I do if the adhesive is not sticking?

    If +TIMBER is installed in the correct manner, following instructions, there will be no problems experienced, however if you come across this issue and are sure that the surface area is flat and has been cleaned and prepared correctly, it may be that the surface has an underlying damp problem, in which case it is possible to knock in a few small nails into the wood planks to secure it to the wall at key points.

  • How can +TIMBER be removed?

    It is simple to remove +TIMBER by manually unsticking the planks. This needs to be done slowly and carefully. Adhesive will remain on the surface after removal and in most cases, some minor repairs or re-surfacing and painting will be necessary.

  • How long will the adhesive last once the planks have been installed?

    +TIMBER planks will remain stuck to walls or other flat, solid surfaces until you choose to redecorate. The adhesive comes with a standard 7 year warranty.

  • Is +TIMBER suitable for commercial or retail space?

    Yes, +TIMBER  is perfect for either of these types of premises as it can add a fresh decorative touch to spaces that would otherwise require lengthy redecorations and/or a landlord’s permission.

  • What is the solution if the final plank does not reach to the ceiling?

    Place the plank where it should go, then mark it at the point it would fit into the space. Then using your cutting tool, cut the plank along the mark.

  • Are there any videos to help with installation instructions?

    We have plenty of instructions including some simple videos to follow as you prepare for the installation. Please check our website for further information.

  • Is it possible to mount a picture frame onto the planks?

    Yes, it is possible to drill through +TIMBER planks, however you must ensure that the fastener you are using securely reaches the wall on which the planks are adhered.

  • Can I order +TIMBER if I am not based in the UK?

    We ship +TIMBER worldwide. Kindly contact us before ordering if you are not based in the UK so that we may confirm the cost of delivery and the estimated lead time.

  • How is +TIMBER sent to me?

    +TIMBER  is packed into boxes, each containing an amount sufficient to cover a surface of 1.81m2.

  • Is +Timber covering made of genuine wood?

    Yes, +Timber planks are made from wood that comes from pine forests, responsibly sourced in North America.

  • Can I order samples?

    Yes, it is possible to order samples so that you can be sure of the colour before placing your main order.

  • How do I know the quantity to order?

    Measure the height and width of the surface area you wish to cover with PLUS TIMBER™, then multiply the height by the width. Now, divide that number by 1.81 to come to the number of boxes to order. Be sure that you round up to ensure you have sufficient planks for the best possible coverage.

    By way of an example, take a height of 2.50m x a width of 3.00m to get 7.50m2. Divide that number by 1.81 which gives you a result of 4.14. Remembering to round up, this will mean that you require 5 packs. (One box contains planks to cover 1.81m2)