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Shabby Chic: How To Incorporate The Trend in Your Home
May 19, 2017 + TIMBER
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The shabby chic trend is one that is taking the interior design world by storm. It is more than just a trend, it is a showcase of personality, where people can celebrate vintage, retro and times of the past but in a modern, contemporary and fashionable way.

Shabby chic is a fantastic and relatively inexpensive way to update your home as it celebrates mismatched furniture and pleasing old, worn and faded materials. Shabby chic is commonly associated with upcycling, recycling and rummaging through vintage stores and charity shops. It is not just a style, but an enjoyable past time where people find pleasure in redesigning their existing furniture and finding bargains that can be transformed into ultra-stylish furniture and ornaments.

If you want to get the slightly distressed and lived-in look in your home that exudes French country glamour try some of our simple steps to get the look and enjoy wonderful DIY design, which is one of the best ways to enjoy decorating

Four Shabby Chic Tricks

  1. Wood Walls

Despite the light, bleached colours that the shabby chic trend tends to use, it still gives a warm, friendly and cosy feel to any room. We love using our lightest wood effect to create a cosy cottage-style space. Simply choose the walls you want to transform, and apply the wood panels with +Timber’s easy peel and stick technology. The easiest way to redecorate without mess, fuss and complications.

The shabby chic trend is perfect for those who are environmentally conscious, and our sustainably sourced wood panels are a perfect way to achieve the look and feel good about the natural effect in the home.

  1. Antique Mirrors

A mirror is a perfect way to add charm and character to any shabby chic room. Have fun exploring second-hand stores for a mirror with wooden frame; it doesn’t matter if the frame is scratched or the paint is coming off. The shabby chic look is enhanced by having a slightly worn look. In fact, the best way to enhance your mirror find is to sand the frame even more to give a very rustic, textured appearance.

  1. Mismatched Cushions

Another way of incorporating the shabby chic trend, without resorting to chipped and worn furniture is through soft furnishings. Instead of opting for matching cushions on your sofa, explore a range of colours and hues in the same colour palette and have fun with textures. A thick chunky woollen cushion can work wonders alongside starched linen and silky satin textures. Choose a range of cushions, some bright, some subdued, some pastel to give a warm and cosy feel that exudes comfort and looks glamorously ‘thrown together’.

  1. White Slip Covers

If your sofa needs an upgrade or doesn’t match your current colour scheme, you don’t need to splash out on a new settee, instead, opt for a plain white slip cover to throw over the sofa and add the colours you want to the room with cushions and throws. A white cover is cheap but can create a dramatic effect, instantly lightening and brightening the room and complements wooden walls perfectly, making them the star attraction.


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