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The Ease Of A DIY Timber Feature Wall
April 28, 2017 + TIMBER
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Feature walls are an excellent way to give a decorative focal point to any room; they can completely transform a room without the hassle and expense of redecorating the whole room. With a feature wall, you can change the mood and tone of the room or even highlight a particular feature.

With a timber feature wall, you don’t necessarily need to emphasise a particular feature as a unique and impressive timber is already a feature enough.

Until recently, having a versatile and stylish timber feature wall was incredibly difficult to install as well as expensive and hard to obtain. Thanks to +Timber, we have just made implementing a timber feature wall that much easier thanks to our innovative peel and stick technology. Our easy to apply product means no nails are damaging the walls, no messy glue to apply and no hassle; simply cut the planks to size, peel off the adhesive label and stick to your wall and create an amazing space.

+Timber are the first company in the UK to offer self-adhesive timber planks which simply need peeling and sticking. +Timber wood cladding makes designing and decorating your ideal space that much easier. Instead of sourcing planks and cutting them to size, sanding them to the required thickness, +Timber has done all the hard work for you. Simply choose your favourite finish, we have a choice of five colours, and you can start to create the perfect timber feature wall.


Transform Your Rooms Easily With A Timber Feature Wall

In The Bedroom

The organic and natural feel of a timber feature wall in the bedroom is perfect for creating a soothing, calming feel which is great for getting a good night’s sleep. A timber feature wall can be a dramatic backdrop upon which a complementing headboard sits and works wonders to make your bed the focal point.

The natural, rustic charm of a wood cladding feature wall can be an incredible design feature. The organic feel of the wood with a luxurious bed filled with different textured linens and glamorous bedside tables with stylish lamps can completely transform your bedroom into a luxury five-star hideaway with brilliant and bold contrast.

A timber feature wall is easy to apply in the bedroom as you don’t need to take out all of the heavy bedroom furniture, simply clear the necessary space and begin transforming your bedroom into log cabin bliss.


In The Living Room

In the part of the home that is made for relaxing, unwinding and comfort; natural materials can really add to the effect. A timber feature wall can enhance the level of comfort you feel when you enter your living room. With a dark wood feature wall, you can create a cosy ski chalet style room, with a lighter wood effect you can transform your living room into beach hut bliss.

A feature wall can be used to highlight the room’s fireplace or can be utilised as a fantastic backdrop for any artwork that takes pride of place in your living room.  If you have an open plan living and dining room you can transform the room into more defined spaces with a timber feature wall. In fact, with +Timber wood cladding, the feature wall possibilities are endless.


Decorate Your House Extension

Home extensions are a great place to try something new in terms of interior design.  Whether you are using the room as a study,  a lounge, an extra bedroom, a bar or even games room, +Timber boards can make a great feature wall or walls.  When house extensions are completed and internal walls skimmed, you can start to apply +TIMBER product to your extra room for an amazing effect. This Peel and stick product is the epitome of  DIY simplicity and within minutes your extension is transformed with a new look and feel.  Make decorating your home extension easy and straight forward with these unique wood effects and styles that will be the envy of your friends and family.


In Other Rooms

A timber feature wall can be applied to almost any room in the house, although we recommend not using +Timber in the bathroom. If you’re looking the transform the guest room, nursery, dining room or office, a timber feature wall is the easiest way to decorate and give your home a unique and individual feel. With +Timber, transforming your home just got even easier.

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