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Top 7 Quirky DIY & Design Hacks of the month (December)

Top 7 Quirky DIY & Design Hacks of the month (December)
December 14, 2018 Harrison Lemon

Taken from our facebook page, here we count the top design / diy hacks of the month:

1. Painting Drawers and Doorframes

Simply by painting the outside edge of your drawers and doors can have a massive effect on your living space and can really brighten the mood. Often a great way to match this is by painting the sides the same colour as a feature wall or as a similar colour to your floor.

2. Pompom Rug

Homemade rug/mat made from pom poms. A pom-pom rug is a pretty simple project. You can use the rug to decorate the bathroom or the entryway. If you have the time and patience for it, you can even make a large pom-pom rug for the living room or for the bedroom! All you need are some pom poms and a basic sewing ability!

3. Custom Skirting Boards

Skirting board tweak with this cool design! Turn your normal boring old skirting boards into a work of art, there are so many things you can do with this! All you need are some small strips of wood or even card!

4. Funky Picture Frames

Different colours of tape can be a great addition to add to compliment pictures hung up on your wall. You can use them as decorative picture frames not to mention its really easy to do, anyone can do it!

5. Jam Jar Storage

Empty jars can be used as a beautiful decoration and storage for things in your kitchen! All you need is a few empty jam jars, a hot glue gun or some hooks and a plank of wood or piece of wall where you want to hang them, wash the jars out and hang them up by glueing the hooks to the wood or wall and attach the jars to the hooks!

6. Hanging Rope

Subtle tweaks to your home such as a rope to hold up a mirror in your bathroom can have a huge effect on the aesthetic of your home! DIY kitchen shelf; all you need is some hooks, some rope and a sturdy plank of wood!

7. The Decorative Suitcase

Tired of the same old shelves and design? Turn unwanted storage units into beautiful and quirky decorations that you can use to display items and use as shelves! All you need is an old suitcase and hooks you can use to mount onto your wall.


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