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Why Wallpaper Is Out… & +TIMBER IS IN RIGHT NOW!
June 24, 2017 + TIMBER
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When we think of redecorating, our minds often look to wallpaper as the best way to transform a room.

Wallpapers have lots of different styles, textures and effects which mean there is a style for every personality and every room but anyone that has decorated their home with wallpaper before knows how difficult it can be. Here we look at five reasons why wallpaper is out, and how +Timber can replace it.

Five Reasons Why Wallpaper Is Out

  1. Seams

There are many problems associated with wallpaper seams. With a patterned wallpaper, it can be incredibly difficult to line up the pattern so that it flows across the wall in a smooth, consistent style. Loose seams also occur when adhesive isn’t applied all the way to the edges which can make your wallpaper finish look scruffy, despite all the hard work and time spent on aligning the seams, it rarely pays off.

  1. Curling

Curling of the wallpaper is a common problem; it can happen when the room is too warm, not enough adhesive was used or when the wall hasn’t been correctly prepared. Curling gives an unprofessional approach and leaves your space looking tired and dated. It can be very difficult to rectify wallpaper curling, particularly when the wallpaper is stiff.

  1. Air Bubbles

When the wall has not been prepared properly, or the paper has not been applied smoothly, it can lead to air bubbles and blisters which look most unsightly and can show up in a variety of different lights. The effort of wallpaper seems wasted when you find air bubbles as your gaze will naturally fixate on the negatives of the wall, particularly when they cause shadows.

  1. Removing Wallpaper

When it is time to redecorate with new wallpaper, removing the old wallpaper is a huge task in itself, there are always sections that are hard to remove and sanding the walls to be smooth again can take an age. Halfway through the job you regret redecorating completely!

  1. Bleeding and Flaking

Even if you have mastered wallpapering, there is still a chance of bleed-through from the walls which can discolour the wallpaper. Old and yellowing plasterboard can alter the effect of the wallpaper and can completely change its appearance. Likewise, ink flaking off from the wallpaper pattern can also ruin the wallpaper aesthetics.


Why +Timber Is In

Thanks to the simple ‘Peel, Stick, Create’ philosophy of +Timber, you can banish the pains and stresses of wallpapering for good. Like wallpaper, you can dramatically transform the look of any room with +Timber wood cladding but unlike wallpaper you do not have to worry about adhesive, pattern lining up, curling or bleed-through. +Timber is real wood with a self-adhesive backing, so you simply apply the planks to your wall to create a beautifully stylish interior décor.

+Timber is highly fashionable and is décor that will last for years, unlike the wallpaper pattern fashions. Creating a natural and organic feature in your home with +Timber is a classic and contemporary style that is easy to achieve and will never go out of style.

If you’re planning your next home decorating project, get rid of the wallpaper and focus on a product that will look better for longer and will make redecorating a breeze. No adhesive, no mess, no tired and dated look. Just peel, stick and create your fabulous new style.

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