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Peel and Stick wood boards are the latest trend in design and decorating which anyone can use to decorate their home – no need for expensive or time consuming labour or additional professionals on-site. Simply do as the product says, “peel and stick”. Quick and simple installation is at your fingertips with this remarkable product! All that is required are a few simple tools and you can apply the pieces to almost any surface, transforming your home in an instant.

The transformations available are amazing and a new look for your home is within reach of even the most hopeless at DIY. It’s also an excellent choice for designers and architects as the product is readily available in a large variety of colours and finishes with samples offered.

Being highly sought-after in the US, we are the first company within the UK to stock this innovative product and there are no lengthy lead times. We deliver to all areas of the UK from Lancashire where our warehouse and head office are based.

White Peel and Stick Wood Boards

Furthermore, we are the only company in the world to use timber for this product from a responsibly sourced pine forest in North America, cut down to size and packaged for shipping to our warehouse. Other companies use reclaimed timber which can substantially alter the quality and overall finish of Peel and Stick products.

Providing a product to our customers that is unique, striking and chic as well as sustainable, is our top priority. We want our customers to absolutely adore their new decor and recommend us to their friends and family. Not only do we ensure that we provide top-notch service, but we ensure that we are using superior quality products.

As a family business with over 40 years experience in the flooring industry, we have extensive knowledge in the various floor coverings including carpet, vinyl, wood and now the increasingly popular Peel and Stick wood wall planking.

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