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Benefits of using Plus Timber to decorate your home

When decorating your home it’s often difficult to match items and colours together and at a reasonable price. Some of the toughest design decisions are deciding what colour to go with, what theme to go for throughout the house and sometimes it can be a difficult pairing and matching things that work well together. Below we will list the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either paint, wallpaper and stick wood, each will suit different needs and styles of homes.

Wallpaper vs paint

Wallpaper is a great choice for walls as it is very versatile when it comes to style and design. Not to mention it’s easy to put up! Wallpaper can add more colour over paint. It can also be more cost-effective but paint can be easier to apply and can be a great choice if you’re just looking for a plain colour. Wallpaper can be a better option if you’re looking to decorate your wall with more of a design and elegance as you can get different patterns and types. Different effects cover wallpaper such as pearl and glitter effects, alongside and raised ink textures, the list goes on. One thing wallpaper and paint cannot achieve is a 3D effect which is achieved through stick wood planks.

Benefits of using Plus Timber to decorate your home

A great home trend for a few years has been to have a feature wall in your home. Using paint for your feature wall would be a good idea if you wanted a single colour or a block colour as it eliminates any hassle with wallpapering and a lot of homeowners end up doing it themselves. If you wanted something more design based on your feature wall, wallpaper and stick wood planks are a great option. You can use wallpaper for brighter colours and stick wood for a more sophisticated design, alongside this it gives your house more depth.

Benefits of using Plus Timber to decorate your home

Using +Timber stickable wooden planks

Stick wood planks bring a whole new design to homes and is a becoming a design trend of 2018. Stick wood is an alternative to wallpaper and essentially wood planks you can use to decorate your walls. Not only is it 100% hardwearing wood with a 5-year guarantee but its self-adhesive meaning it’s just as easy to put up on your walls as wallpaper and paint. Using wooden planks; the design is completely up to you, each piece is changeable and you can design your wall how YOU want.

Benefits of using Plus Timber to decorate your home

Stick planks are made from lightweight and hardwearing wood which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes! They also come in a range of different colours so are very versatile in design. They have a range of textures allowing everyone to be able to design and fit the walls they want. Stick wood planks are quick and easy to set up, so easy you can do it yourself! +Timber brings “Do It Yourself” back into DIY with the innovative new peel and stick boards you can use to professionally design walls in your home. There is no need for expensive or time-consuming labour or any added labouring professionals, simply peel the back of the board to reveal adhesive and stick onto your wall in any way you would like to design it, it’s that easy!

The great perks of +Timber are that there is a large variety of boards ranging from Browns, Greys, Whites and Blacks which can comfortably say work well in most home settings as well as this; most wooden products come from recycled products making it a sustainable product!

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