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How to make a dark room brighter with +TIMBER

How to make a dark room brighter with +TIMBER

Often when designing your interior you find your space is light starved. This can be due to many different subtle design choices, you may not realise but very small changes in design can affect the lighting/brightness of a room drastically, it’s almost like an optical illusion. In this blog I count the top tips on how to make a dark room brighter with +TIMBER:

Let there be light!

When it comes to using dark wood boards such as deep harbour brown or mineral gray your room could use as much natural light as possible for a brighter atmosphere. Since summer is slowly coming to an end, you’ll soon start to value natural daylight as days seemingly become shorter and darker quicker.

How to make a dark room brighter with +TIMBER

Let in as much natural light as possible because not only does it make your space appear more bright and friendly but actually benefits you more than you think! Remove window treatments such as dark curtains and blinds to open up your space to let the outside light in! You don’t necessarily have to completely remove them, you can even just replace them for thinner materials or blinds that help you control the amount of light you let in.

Floor it!

When it comes to picking the perfect floor design for your design you want to be picking a light colour as a way of balancing the darkness of the panels; creating a majestic contrast. With this being said, try to avoid brilliant colours such as bright white as this can leave the room feeling cold. Composite decking and composite wood flooring is a great option for this!

How to make a dark room brighter with +TIMBER

Another way around this problem is by picking off-white colours such as crème and grey as they go with a lot of colours and pair greatly with darker wood panels. This works well with carpets, which is perfect if you want to make the room feel cozier.

After 8 we decorate!

How to make a dark room brighter with +TIMBER

Assuming that you can’t decorate dark panelled feature walls is wrong. If you leave your walls naked then they’ll be left looking lifeless and bare. If you choose decoration pieces that are of a similar colour as your floor you can leave your room feeling much more inviting. This could be by carefully picking lampshade colours, picture frames etc. Don’t be worried about damaging your walls with damage-free hooks that you can get from any local hardware or home improvement store.

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