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Mixed Materials Are A Modern Masterpiece

Mixed Materials Are A Modern Masterpiece

If you want to inject some life into your home space, the quickest and most effective way to jazz up your interior design is to play with mixed materials to create a cool and contemporary finished result.


Historically, working with mixed materials in any interior design capacity has been quite the arduous, and indeed an expensive task. It’s not common that you’d find wood-effect features in a living room thanks to logistical requirements! However, thanks to Plus Timber, you can now incorporate a stunning wooden feature into your home with complete ease. Not only that, but all of our peel and stick boards are cost effective! This will provide you with a worthy investment that is every inch as affordable as it will be beautiful.

Mixed Materials Are A Modern Masterpiece

Plus Timber’s outstanding range of self-adhesive timber panels have truly transformed the world of interior design. They offer a range of timber products which consist of real wood! They are crafted into a unique peel and stick design. This allows even a DIY novice to create stunning interiors! You simply peel the timber panels and stick them to your feature section for a gorgeous timber finish.

Our approach at Plus Timber

Here at Plus Timber, our favourite method of incorporating these boards into your interior design is by adopting a unique and on-trend mixed materials approach. Juxtaposing one of our impressive timber products as a featured section next to other classic materials found within the home will create a gorgeous focal point in your room requiring little to no effort from yourself in the design process – and very little in the maintenance and upkeep departments too!

You can combine Plus Timber with your traditional interiors to add a splash of modern design into your home. Why not choose one of our stunning timber sections to create a feature wall in your kitchen or living room? The gorgeous textured finish of the Plus Timber self-adhesive timber boards against the smooth walls of the living room will create a warm and aesthetic finish for your living room that is truly unique and industrial in appearance. Particularly if you opt for Lumber Brown or Deep Harbour Brown, two of our stunning multi-hue warm brown timber boar options.

For the kitchen, perhaps incorporating the wonderful spectrum of grey tones featured in either Pebble Brown or Mineral Grey will work perfectly against a tiled backsplash or laminate floor, adding a neutral yet contemporary element to the heart of your home.

What do we do?

Our range of stunning peel and stick timber boards are also incredibly effective in any bedroom design, creating a cosy environment that will help you to relax and switch off in your newly decorated boudoir.

Whether you’re planning a design for a commercial or domestic property, using Plus Timber in a striking mixed materials method of decorating is guaranteed to transform your space into a true modern masterpiece. Why not check out the Plus Timber blog for the ultimate interior design inspiration? Order your samples today and allow Plus Timber to help you bring your dream space to life with ease.

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