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Plus Timber’s: Pretty & Priceless

Plus Timber's: Pretty & Priceless

Welcome to Pretty & Priceless! This will be a series of blog posts where we show off our favourite home designs that use wood cladding or wood feature walls! These can be our favourites for a particular design, inspiration or we just really love the look!

1. “We don’t know how the table works, but it just does!”

2. “Don’t tidy your books away, it might compliment your interior!”

Plus Timber's: Pretty & Priceless

3. “Look at that for a light!”

Lumber Brown - Peel and Stick Wood

4. “Have you ever seen a cafe so well decorated?”

5. “I haven’t come in to buy shoes, I just want to look at your wall.”

Nike Store Reclaimed Wood Wall

6. “I’m not even hungry and I want to eat here.”

Plus Timber's: Pretty & Priceless

7. “Working hard? The wall sure is to keep this office looking modern!”

Modern Office With Reclaimed Wood Backdrop

8. “Just a few more minutes…”

Bedroom with Reclaimed Wood Panel Backdrop

9. “Open plan interior done right!”

Kitchen with Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

10. “Who says you can’t make brown look colourful?”

Reclaimed Rustic Brown - Peel & Stick Boards

Like the look of some of the interiors in this Pretty & Priceless? Here at +TIMBER do wood cladding built for feature walls and interior decoration! +TIMBER’s peel & stick boards have made home interior design easier than ever!

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