3D Rustic Reclaimed

£89.99 Per sq Metre inc VAT

Reclaimed wood has a gorgeous vintage aesthetic that will add a welcome dash of warmth to any interior design. With +Timber’s ‘3D Rustic Reclaimed’, the latest from the 3D peel and stick range, you can create a vintage-inspired decor in your own home without needing to hire a handyman!

Indeed, the peel and stick planks from +Timber really are that simple to use. Each individual plank comes with strips of self-adhesive which you simply peel off, line up in the pattern of your choice and then press firmly onto your feature wall.

Actual Area (sq m) 0.96
Total Price £86.39

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‘Rustic Reclaimed’ is a unique shade of reclaimed 3D peel and stick wood, combining both warm and cool tones in a textured effect. Utilising unique shades of brown to create a layered look, the ‘Rustic’ 3D planks of wood make the perfect foundation for any interior design scheme, lending itself to any colour palette you choose.

Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, restaurants and bars can all benefit from a stunning feature wall in ‘3D Rustic Reclaimed’, the only place our rustic peel and stick planks won’t work is in the bathroom or a wet room because there’s too much moisture in the air.

Such a beautiful looking design needs a fitting layout – so why not get creative with how you lay your +Timber planks? Opt for a vertical, horizontal or chevron pattern perhaps. Whichever design you choose, we recommend mixing your planks so that different colours, lengths and designs are placed next to each other to create a truly unique finish.

All of our products are made from pine wood, and are shipped from a responsibly sourced forest in North America. Like all real wood products, our +Timber 3D peel and stick planks may change colour when met with direct sunlight, so be sure to move photo frames and furniture every so often to achieve a natural and consistent shading.

MaterialMixed Wood
Typical DimensionsLength - 600mm
Width - 200mm
Thickness - 17mm - 25mm (Excluding MDF Backing)
Number of Boards8
Panel Weight (excluding tape)600mm x 200mm - 950g ±
Pack Weight7.6kg
Pack Size0.96m2
Moisture Content10 - 12%
ApplicationInternal extra strength wood adhesive and screws.
MillingSquare edges with interlocking blocks.
FinishMixed reclaimed timber with 3D mosaic effect for interior finish.
PaintVOC Free.
Surface CoatingWater based paint/Natural finish.
Stability TreatmentThermo modified
Resin pressure
DescriptionSolid Mixed wood panels with multi height blocks on a MDF board.
Certified StainabilityFSC
Storage ConditionsTemperature - +5 - +30 °C


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