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Rejuvenate your kitchen with a wood feature wall

Rejuvenate your kitchen with a wood feature wall

Are you wanting to rejuvenate your kitchen? White kitchens, although still very popular, seem to become a thing of the past, wood backdrops and feature walls have been gaining popularity over the years in terms of kitchen design and 2019 is no different! Find out why more homeowners are deciding to revamp their kitchens using a wood backdrop in 2019 in this blog!

Wood backdrops are trendy!

Feature walls have always been a trend when it comes to home design but people were generally more inclined to add it to a living room or living space however recently more and more people are opting to do the same with their kitchen!

Rejuvenate your kitchen with a wood feature wall

The benefits of using Plus Timber to help design your kitchen are that it is far cheaper than using any marble or tile related design, not to mention you can achieve the look completely by yourself, there is no need for carpentry or professionals. Alongside this, you can give the whole project done within the space of a few hours!

Gives your kitchen protection

Adding a reclaimed feature wall to your kitchen doesn’t just completely rejuvenate and liven your kitchen but can actually protect your kitchen from any scary stains, dirt and grime from cooking steam or oil splashes. We recommend installing a Plus Timber feature wall either behind a sink or cooking station, as it acts as a splash safe zone.

Rejuvenate your kitchen with a wood feature wall

Approximately 70% of you will have primarily a white kitchen and as we all know dirt, grease and grime all show up far worse on a white surface over any other, not to mention making it harder to clean! The great thing about using plus timber as a surface in the kitchen is that stains and grime won’t show as easily with the range of light to dark colours ranging from chalk white to graphite or merlin grey, not to mention how easy it is to wipe off and clean!

Variety of colours and designs

The great thing about Plus Timber is that it comes in lots of different colours, shapes and customisable sizes to fit any wall and any design. With the vast amount of colours to choose from you’ll always be able to match design with your kitchen. Plus Timber also comes in a 3D board range which adds a completely new feel, pattern and design.

Rejuvenate your kitchen with a wood feature wall

The reclaimed peel and stick wood boards come in so many designs that there is one for any kitchen design! Obviously, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes nowadays because let’s face it, 10 years ago the kitchen didn’t use to be that important, but we’d like to think that nowadays the kitchen is the second most important room of the whole house to the living room, if not the most important!

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