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Top 4 MUST DO’s: When installing +TIMBER peel and stick planks

Top 4 MUST DO's: When installing +TIMBER peel and stick planks (diy hacks)

Looking for some diy hacks when setting up your +TIMBER? With +TIMBER being super quick and easy to set up, with no carpentry or professional help needed; it’s often quite easy to forget the basics! In this blog, we will take you through things you need to think about before installing!

1. Clear your wall

Obviously, this seems like a pretty straight forward thing to consider before installing. It’s not much to think about compared to the other diy hacks but it is very important nonetheless! You need to make sure your wall is clear from any bumps or divets. You can check this easily by using a level, it will tell you whether or not your wall is even and flat enough to start placing your +TIMBER wood planks. If for some reason your wall isn’t level, you won’t be able to use the planks. As well as this, everything needs to be stripped from the wall you are wanting to decorate, stripping wallpaper from your wall is not necessary but it might make the process easier!

2. Clean your surface

After stripping your wall of its items, (paintings, mirrors etc) then you need to clean your wall of any marks or dirt. But most importantly you need to try to remove as much moisture as you can. Moisture can cause dampness and as these are real wood planks, they will soak up the moisture and it may cause the wood to expand which may cause all kinds of problems.

3. The wood needs to acclimate

+TIMBER boards are made from real hardwearing wood. Real wood is a strange material as it expands and shrinks according to temperatures and the humidity of the environment it is in. Due to this happening the wood needs to be left in the room you are wanting to decorate between 2-3 days before installation, this is in order for the wood to retain the correct size and shape for the rooms general temperature and humidity. This is called acclimation. This is important because (in the worst case scenarios) if you install the +TIMBER planks straight away and they either shrink or expand then it could cause planks to fall off, break or crack under the pressure.

4. Work on rows, not columns

It is important to work on one row at a time when it comes to +TIMBER. You can’t skip the process or make it EVEN faster by trying to do columns. Installing in single rows allows for the planks to stay straight and keep a connected and orderly feature wall. In addition to this, working in rows certainly makes it easier when coming up to something such as a light switch or a radiator or some kind of obstacle on your wall, as it makes it easier to go around it.

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