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Unique Ways to Renovate your Home using Wood Cladding

Unique Ways to Renovate your Home using Wood Cladding

Normally Plus Timber is applied to walls, usually living room walls, kitchen walls or maybe just a feature wall for a bedroom. Get creative with it! Plus Timber can be used for more than just a wall! Here are Unique Ways to Renovate your Home using Wood Cladding:

Outside island or a bar

Outside Bar - Reclaimed Wood Planks

In summer there is nothing better than being able to sit and enjoy the sun with a few drinks. But what’s this without a cool kitchen area for you to create your cocktails and beverages? You can create yourself a cool indoor cabin vibe using Plus Timber’s lumber brown or deep harbor brown peel and stick boards.


3D Scandinavian White - Peel and Stick Boards

Add a bit of pizaz to a room or wall in your home with a Plus Timber backsplash. With just a couple of small adjustments made to your boards you can get started straight away! A wood backsplash is great for kitchens, not only does it add character to your kitchen but can also protect your walls from staining or dampening.

Walkway or entrance

Reclaimed Wood Entranceway

Create the best first impression of your home with a Plus Timber entrance or entryway. You can either feature a wall or even decorate the archway as people walk in instantly giving people the luxurious feel. This is as simple as decorating a wall!


Plustimber Bed Headboard

With the adhesive on the back of our boards, creating a headboard has never been easier! You don’t need that much board for this, it’s only a small job, and you’d probably be able to do it with any leftovers from an existing project! All you need to do is trim the board down to the shape and size you would like, decorate then peel and stick!


Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

Did you know you can use Plus Timber for your ceiling? Create the ultimate modern classic effect of a wood ceiling. The adhesive on the back of our boards is built strong enough to last!

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