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What to do with leftover peel and stick boards

What to do with leftover peel and stick boards

Sometimes when using +TIMBER you’ll find yourself ordering more than is necessary for the job needed, it can sometimes be difficult to work out how much you exactly need for the space you are working with, especially if you are working with areas where the wood needs to be cut. With this being said a lot of the time you’ll find yourself having a lot of spare wood but don’t worry we have a bunch of quirky ways you can use it up!

Bulletin board

A little project you can get on with is creating a cute little bulletin board to stick on your wall using left over +TIMBER. Creating yourself a wall-mounted bulletin board can vastly improve your organisation, it can help collocate clutter in your kitchen, you can use it to pin items and keep everything in check. Popular uses of a +TIMBER bulletin board include pinning calendars, to do lists, photographs and even adding seasonal décor.

What to do with leftover +TIMBER

Using small-unused pieces of +TIMBER you can group them together in a square on your wall to mount things to or go for a more complex artsy design with your leftover pieces. Most of your pieces may not be the same size so this may be an easier option to fit into your home.

Accompanying a kitchen range hood

This may at first seem like a strange thing to do with your unused +TIMBER boards but hear us out! You can accompany the kitchen range hood or fan with a small wall cover of +TIMBER. Not only does this look great but also actually works great with your cooking. Having a baby feature wall either behind your sink or stove is great for absorbing any fluids that fly off when cooking, as +TIMBER is real hardwearing wood it holds all the qualities of real wood.

What to do with leftover +TIMBER

Adding a reclaimed feature wall to your kitchen doesn’t just completely rejuvenate and liven your kitchen but can actually protect your kitchen from any scary stains, dirt and grime from cooking steam or oil splashes. We recommend installing a Plus Timber feature wall either behind a sink or cooking station, as it acts as a splash safe zone. Read more on how to rejuvenate your kitchen using +TIMBER.

Create a +TIMBER headboard

Create yourself a lovely headboard to go above your bed using spare +TIMBER boards. You can use it to write and inspirational or motivational message.

What to do with left over +TIMBER

This one is easy! Create yourself a rectangular shaped piece to either have by your mantle piece, on your wall or hung above your bed! All you need to do is piece together a rectangular shaped board, either lay it or hang it where you want (you may need to add a hook or a nail of some sort to the wall) and either print on or paint on your own message!

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